UI Functions

A bit more information around UI settings and functions.
Restart Kernel, Interrupt Kernel, Clear Results, and Add Cell Below buttons
The top-middle section of the UI allows users to Restart Kernel, Interrupt Kernel, Clear Results, and Add Cells Below. Restarting and Interrupting the Kernel can be used if cells are taking too long to execute.
Clearing the results will clear any output from the Console and Results Tab to the right.
Autocompletion, Code Analysis, and Show Markdown are all settings that can be toggled from the bottom left of the UI.


Projects can be managed from the left hand pane panel. Users can add projects, folders and files using the UI.


Users can toggle the autocomplete functionality in the bottom left hand of the panel. CNext will autosuggest functions, variables and column names (in the right hand pane).

Code Analysis

Code Analysis will provide simple highlights of issues and helpful hints

Show Markdown / Annotation

Markdown allows users to create simple visual representations of commentary. This will be rendered in the Results tab to the right (example below).
# # Overview of Markdown (Title)
# #### Sub-Title
# Commentary